It is 11:30 PM, September 28, 2017! Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of this website and organization!!! Thanks for caring.. That is, after all, why you are here, right?! 😉 I suppose I will start by saying, I am very excited to have this page up and running tonight. I purchased this domain name, not too long ago. I have had my eyes on it for some time. Finally, I was able to take the next step…BUY! You will be happy to know, this domain name is in the right hands! I plan to put it to an amazing and beautiful use; to be the online address for one of the most amazing, giving, helpful and collective organizations, of all-time.

Who am I??? I’m John.. A middle-aged white guy, living in North Miami. I own and operate two small businesses, related to construction and furniture. I am rather passionate about those industries, as I am an artistic and creative person (and musician); however, I don’t feel that is my ‘purpose.’ I feel that my purpose is to help others. I love all people…I don’t care if you are white, black, pink or yellow. I have close friends, all over the world and from all over the world. If I wind up helping a few people, through this organization, great. But, my dream is to be able to reach and change millions of lives, and have this organization last generations and become extinct, because, it is needed no longer.

A huge HOT TOPIC in this country has been police brutality, and inequality, hasn’t it?? WOW…I can hardly believe all that I see going on. The latest is NFL players sitting out on the National Anthem. While I am extremely opposed to inequality and police brutality, and I am passionate enough about these matters and love people enough that I am starting an organization to help such people, I am not an advocate of sitting out on our very sacred National Anthem, as a protest. Personally, I think this act is irrelevant and offensive to so many patriotic people, and I think these football stars should and could do something WAY more productive and effective for the people they are protesting for. Well, this is why I started ChangeTheCulture.org. It is a place, where, everyone can receive and give back, and communicate and work as a huge team, to bring forth huge change. I believe everyone should be involved. You are a candidate for one or a combination of the following:

Donate money to start this up and to keep us funded and moving forward. Unfortunately, it is a necessary element, donate time to assist in our community outreach and teach programs. Receive from Change The Culture, to improve your life, by getting involved in the outreach and classes we will offer – after you receive, give back, via time or donations.

So…are you a 1, 2 or 3?? Lol… Figure it out and get involved! I will be writing, soon. Thanks in advance, for everyone’s support and interest. I will do my best to keep up with emails. Pleeease, be patient. 🙏


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