Teamwork For Real Change.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to address social issues and bring people together, through discussion, awareness, knowledge and education, and to help those in need, and to be a large, collective voice to our political representatives, to bring forth true, positive change.

Vision: To act as one for all and all for one, through loving our neighbor.

About Us

What is Change The Culture all about?

Second chances, A helping hand, Teamwork, Love, Resources, A voice of the people, Solutions, Positive changes in our communities, and you.

Hello. My name is John. Im just a normal guy, from Baltimore, living and operating my two small businesses in Miami. I started this site, because, I have a dream; a dream to help others improve their lives and circumstances, a dream to help end inequality and prejudice, a dream to help bring people, together, for one common goal...positive change.

Your donation will help Change The Culture become the following:

1. A team of professionals and experts that help develop a synopsis for classes, to be organized and held, through the generosity of volunteers, in communities, around the country, geared toward teaching willing students, no matter their age, valuable tools to help them understand, utilize and better function in their surroundings; socially, personally, financially, professionally, etc.

2. A place of honest, open, positive discussion, for others to understand and to be understood, and to discuss views, solutions and options for some of the more complex issues we are challenged with, today, to include healthcare, education, employment, etc.

3. A loud, collective voice, in Washington, to share our opinions, positions and ideas, for real solutions and change for people faced with challenging cultural circumstances.

4. A caring, helping hand to people living on the street, through immediate attention and relief, and long-term solutions through building housing and providing support services.

I am in search of a brilliant team to help put the synopsis, together. If you think you are qualified in an applicable field, such as psychology, sociology, English, finance, accounting, math, business law, etc., and you would like to be involved, please, send me an email, with your resume, describing your training, education, experience and achievements.

What your donation helps Change The Culture accomplish:

Developing the organization, and legal work

Employing the proper professionals

Feed the Homeless

Build housing

Hire support staff for new property residents

Creating initial class synopsis

Organizing logistics for all CTC programs


Furthering development and nationwide growth